Custom Landscape Design & Commercial Curbs

Adding Curb appeal
to your property


Wait times become 2-3 weeks in the peak times of summer but when the day comes to do your curb, we get it done in a matter of hours for an average size job.

Product & Design

Every curb is unique from the next. The process starts with an estimate to measure the curb and to send a quote to the client. Then the curb is extruded by a small professional crew and curb machine.

Supplies & Equipment

We are a small business so our equipment is well taken care of and we get our supplies from local professional companies weekly to ensure every batch of cement is top quality.

Curb that lasts

durable and functional

Our curbs are reinforced with cable, which is extruded throughout the inside of the cement and the curb is strategically cut with control joints, allowing the curb to shift with the landscape and surrounding structures through the freeze and thaw cycle of the ground.

What is inside the concrete?

We use cable reinforcement in our residential curbs, and rebar in our commercial curbs to ensure all our curbs are extra strong and long-lasting.

our Services

Custom curbing to suit every client’s unique needs

Residential Curbs

We provide select colours and patterns for customers to chose from, adding the finishing touches to their yard, garden or property landscapes.

Commercial Curbs

We upgrade sidewalk curbs, add curbs to parking lots and curb other public facilities – our curbs are long lasting and we provide flexible installation hours.


What you get

Our pricing reflects the amount of feet, size of curb, intensity of colour and any add-ons requested by customers. We have a base price of $850 for anything under 50 ft. & the more curb you get the less it costs per linear foot.

To ensure strength in our curbs we add fibre for overall durability, air-ration which creates small air pockets allowing space for freeze expansion without cracking, and colour guard to protect the colour from fading and prevent salt damage.

Basic Residential Curb


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