The Crew

Charles and Levi are very good at what they do and are a great team on the job. Charles deals with clients and booking jobs after doing one-on-one estimates with clients and runs the curb machine. He also does the troweling and imprint on the fresh curb etc. during a regular curbing day.
Levi has been trained on the concrete mixer, where he mixes the curb to the client’s specified colour choice and wheelbarrows the fresh concrete to the curb machine. Recently, Levi has also been doing welding upgrades on equipment etc. to even out responsibilities of the growing business.
The last two summers they hired another brother, Gideon, full time, trained him to fill in the gaps and speed up the time it takes to do a job. He’s a champion wheel barrow pusher and efficiently accomplishes any task he tackles.
Charle’s wife Missy was hired to do the bookkeeping and Levi’s wife Cheyenne does website and logo design. 
The family business is booming and the brothers proudly serve the Calgary area with their concrete laying and landscape design expertise.